How Visualization Transforms Process Planning in
Aerospace & Defense

Virtual Build: The Key to Success for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

Today’s aerospace and defense supply chains require greater agility and increased performance. Achieving a ramp-up to meet high production rates requires innovative leadership. Companies must find a way to efficiently use data, information, and industry knowledge to deliver profitable growth.

Traditional alphanumeric spreadsheet planning makes this challenging to achieve, and it often results in shop floor delays, miscommunication, and costly engineering changes. However, technology is available that enables planners to leverage CAD models and convert spreadsheet process plans into 3D process models that can be shared across the enterprise.

In this visual environment, engineers can quickly identify and correct potential production problems early in the process, reducing or eliminating the need for physical prototyping. Line workers can become more productive by referring to graphical work instructions. For these reasons, visual process planning has demonstrated the ability to increase productivity, reduce overall costs, improve product quality and accelerate time-to-market.

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Why Process Planning is Moving to the Next Level

The DELMIA Virtual Build solution, built on Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform gives manufacturing companies an easily implemented approach to the benefits of visual process planning.

Virtual Build

  • Visualize the assembly sequence
  • Validate build specifications to conform to product design
  • Derive easy-to-understand work instructions for the shop floor

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