WEBINAR: Virtual Pre-Compliance EMC Testing with CST Studio Suite



Save Time & Money with Virtual Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing of Product Designs

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) compliance is a requirement electrical and electronic products must meet before being marketed and sold. Failure to comply can lead to costly late-stage design changes and retesting. Performing virtual pre-compliance EMC testing during the design phase can be crucial to ensure emission and susceptibility limits are met early in the product development process, saving you time and money.


WEBINAR - Virtual EMC testing with CST Studio Suite


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Watch this webinar and discover how radiated and conducted emission tests can be carried out virtually with SIMULIA CST Studio Suite EM simulation software to gain insight into the product design by visualizing the electromagnetic fields in 3D. CST Studio Suite helps design engineers overcome EMC compliance challenges by providing a wide spectrum of EMC/EMI simulation capabilities in a unified simulation environment – delivering data and solutions that are not available through traditional measurement tools.


Learn about CST Studio Suite’s world-class time domain solver and see a demonstration of how it provides a robust and efficient broadband solution with high accuracy:

  • User-friendly interface to get you started quickly
  • Easy post-layout analysis to check PCB SI/PI performance
  • PCB design rule checker for potential layout violations
  • Time domain and frequency domain solver for pre-compliance simulation
  • Shorten time to market schedule


Benefit from Using EM Simulation in Your EMC Design

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