DELMIA 3DX NC Manufacturing Enhancements – Part 1

In today’s competitive market manufacturers are being forced to find ways to produce more parts in less time at a lower cost.  In order to accomplish this we need to be able to increase capacity, increase productivity, and increase the performance with existing equipment.

I’m excited to share a series of blog articles over the next few months discussing Dassault Systèmes 3DExperience platform and the new enhancements to NC Manufacturing.  Below are the first three:

New Operation Dedicated To Impeller Hub Machining


Reduce programming time: Designed to help the user select specific geometry on the part in order to entirely machine the hub of the impeller.

  • Selection of the different geometries of the impeller (hubs, blades, splitters).
  • Choice of the strategy between (roughing, finishing.)
  • Choice of the toolpath strategy and offsets for roughing and finishing.
  • The definition of the number of roughing levels, and their position (isoparametric on blades, offset from hub).
  • For splitters: Capacity to process only the upper zone (between 2 blades), or only the lower zone.


New Stiffener operation


When it comes to machining the tops of ribs, whether it’s aero structural parts or a tool and die casting, it can be very tedious and take countless operations. This new machining operation is dedicated to automate the finishing of the tops of stiffeners and ribs. It allows you to mill inclined and horizontal areas.

  • Assisted selection: Automatic detection of the stiffeners saves time not having to manually select multiple surfaces. Horizontal areas, ramp and fillet selection.
  • Multi radial/axial pass available.
  • Lead angle on horizontal areas.



As you can see all of the stiffeners have been cut in one operation. This would normally take multiple MO’s to accomplish.


New Concentric Milling Strategy

The ‘Adaptive Concentric’ technology was developed for Pocketing, Roughing, Cavity Roughing and Spiral Milling activities. It is a dedicated strategy for hard material and high speed machining. Below is an example of time saved.

  • Evens the loads on machines and cutting tools, enabling them to cut faster and deeper while under greatly reduced stress.
  • Cutting tool life is extended
  • Lead angle on horizontal areas.


In Part 2 of this blog series, we will explore even more 3DExperience enhancements for NC Machining. Stay tuned!

 Article compiled courtesy of John Jeffrey
Application Engineer