SIMULIA 3DEXPERIENCE Material Calibration Essentials

SIMULIA Material Calibration Essentials course

This SIMULIA Material Calibration Essentials course is an introduction to methods in the Material Calibration app. The Material Calibration app determines optimized material parameters, checks the goodness of fit compared to test data, and exports materials for use in Abaqus or 3DEXPERIENCE® structural simulation.



$580 / Student
1.5 Days
Familiarity with the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform

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Class Structure

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Import and plot material test data, configure optimization settings
  • Calibrate material models with the numerical and analytical execution modes
  • Create materials for physics simulation or export to an Abaqus input file format
  • Use FE-based calibration with a physics simulation or an imported Abaqus input file
  • Delete simulations, calibration data, or created materials


The course is intended for the following Roles:

  • Structural Mechanics Engineer
  • Structural Analysis Engineer
  • Durability and Mechanics Engineer
  • Structural and Durability Engineer
  • Composite Structures Analysis Engineer
  • Additive Manufacturing Analysis Engineer
  • Product and Packaging Analysis Engineer
  • Composite Structures Performance Engineer
  • Material Calibration Engineer
  • Tire Analysis Engineer


Class Lessons

  • Lesson 1: Material Calibration Overview
  • Lesson 2: Metal Plasticity
  • Lesson 3: Isotropic Tabular Plasiticity
  • Lesson 4: Hyperelasticity
  • Lesson 5: Elastomeric Foams
  • Lesson 6: Viscoelasticity
  • Lesson 7: Optimization and Advanced Tools
  • Lesson 8: Crushable Foams
  • Lesson 9: FE-based Calibration
  • Lesson 10: Data Management for Material Calibration
Start Date
July 22nd
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