ENOVIA V6 Engineering Central Essentials

This course will teach you how to use ENOVIA Engineering Central to manage the engineering change process.  You will learn how to create and raise ECRs on the parts and specifications and create ECOs to address the design modifications raised in the ECRs.  You will also learn how to create part revisions and assign the effectivities

$550 / Student
1 Day

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Topics Covered

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:


  • Create new parts and specifications
  • Create and edit Bill of Materials
  • Create an ECR to make changes in a part or a specification
  • Create an ECO for a new product
  • Review and release the new product
  • Modify the existing product and create a new revision



1. Creating the Engine Mount and Cloning the Nut

2. Creating the EBOM for the RC Car Assembly

3. Promoting the RC Assembly to Release State

4. Create an ECR and Promote it to Plan ECO

5. Create ECO from ECR and Releasing the ECO

6. Generating Reports

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