CST Studio Suite Antenna Placement

CST Studio Suite Antenna Placement

In our CST Studio Suite Antenna Placement course, you will gain knowledge on subjects such as the positioning of antennas and the interaction between antennas. Additionally, the course covers configuring antenna matching networks and understanding radiation hazards.

Special emphasis will be on learning the creation and application of near/far-field sources. This will occur within the framework of the Hybrid Solver Task.


1 Day
Introduction to CST Studio Suite and CST Studio Suite – Microwave and Antenna

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Class Structure:

  • Handle imported CAD models
  • Choose which High Frequency solver is most suited for antenna placement task of interest
  • Design simple matching network
  • Use Hybrid Solver to simulate antenna installed performance and antenna to antenna coupling

The course is intended for the following Roles: Electromagnetic Simulation Analysts, Antenna Designers


Class Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Antenna Placement

Lesson 2: Solver Overview

Lesson 3: CAD Import

Lesson 4: Surface Mesh

Lesson 5: System Assembly and Modeling

Lesson 6: Hybrid Simulation

Lesson 7: W1 – Antennas Installed on a Glider

Lesson 8: W2 – Antennas Installed on a Ship

Lesson 9: W3 – Antenna and Radome Simulation

Start Date
August 14th
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