CATIA Model Based Definition (MBD) Accelerator


Learn how the Inceptra MBD Accelerator will extract CATIA model dimensions, notes and tolerances directly into MS Excel. See how to extract individual 2D Views from the CATIA MBD data and how to generate a first article inspection report that includes extracted views with ballooning callouts. Also learn how to customize the output format produced in MS Excel to meet your needs or those of your customer. Additional options include publishing your MBD Accelerator inspection information to Net-Inspect or Verisurf.

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1. Installation
• Application Installation
• License Server Installation
2. User Interface
• Launching the Application
• Adding MBD Accelerator to a Toolbar
3. Running MBD Accelerator
• Create 2D Views
• Balloon for First Article Inspection
– Publish to Net-Inspect, Export to Verisurf
4. Creating Custom Configurations
• Global Preferences
• FTA Output / FAI Output
(Create 2D Views) / (Balloon First Article Inspection)
• Output Sheets
• Parameters
• Directories – Standards & Templates

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