CATIA DM1 – ENOVIA Digital Mockup

Learn how to share product data across the organization with ENOVIA Digital Mockup (DMU). The DM1 configuration provides 3D Navigation and 2D Viewing along with tools for taking measurements. Learn about collaborative review using 2D and 3D Annotations, visualization using Enhanced Scenes and publishing HTML reports.

$425 / Student
1 Day

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1. Introduction

  • DMU Review 1 Capabilities
  • DM1 Workbenches
  • Introduction to GUI and Toolbars
  • Opening and Saving Products


2. Model Navigation & Visualization

  • Manipulating Viewport
  • Managing Viewpoints
  • Modifying Graphic Properties


3. Managing Components

  • Design/Visualization Mode
  • Positioning Components with Compass and Snap Tools


4. Annotations and Review

  • 2D & 3D Annotation
  • Sectioning
  • Publishing Tools


5. Measuring

  • Measure Tools
  • Geometry Creation


6. Managing Scenes

  • Introduction to Enhanced Scenes
  • Creation and Edition of Enhanced Scenes
  • Creating Exploded in Enhanced Scenes


7. Dimensioning and Tolerancing Review Workbench

  • Investigating Model Based Definition Data
  • Working with Displays
  • Publishing


8. 2D Workbench

  • 2D Annotation and Markup
  • Measuring on 2D Documents
  • Comparing 2D Documents

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