Accelerate Business Value Through Unified Modeling & Simulation MODSIM

Accelerate Business Value Through Unified Modeling & Simulation

Learn how organizations from multiple industries are defining their own MODSIM strategy

Over the past 20 years, simulation has provided invaluable insights leading to tremendous advances in almost every industry. However, there is always room for progress. We face many complex issues, including electrification, sustainability, circular economy, and resource limitations. Incrementally improving today’s typical engineering processes will not address these challenges. Innovative solutions beyond the known parameters are needed, and the solution lies in unified modeling and simulation, or MODSIM.

In this eBook, our partner Dassault Systèmes highlights some of the key insights from their 3DEXPERIENCE® Modeling & Simulation (MODSIM) Conference 2021. By learning from simulation, modeling, and design experts who have benefited from a MODSIM approach, you can gain valuable insights.

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At Airbus, the digital twin is meant to connect the simulation data to the digital shadow creating the feedback loop, not just for our products, but also for industrial systems and support in services. This requires a seamlessly integrated set of simulations and digital continuity for the data captured from the systems in operation.

– Marco Ferrogalini,
VP Head of Modeling and Simulation/MBSE DDMS, AIRBUS

At Jaguar Land Rover, we have invested heavily in the deployment of 3DEXPERIENCE as the backbone for engineering as we believe that this platform will give us the close integration and confidence in simulation that we need.

– Jose Garcia-Urruchi,
Head of Digital Engineering Capability, Jaguar Land Rover

Interview to Jaguar Land Rover on Enovia | Transportation and Mobility Industry

Since 2010, Jaguar Land Rover has relied on Dassault Systèmes and its 3DEXPERIENCE platform to achieve key objectives, including a net-zero carbon business by 2039, launching an all-electric Jaguar brand in 2025, debuting the first all-electric Land Rover model in 2024, advancing hydrogen fuel-cell development, and fostering collaboration. They are on an exceptional transformational journey to shape the future.

Benefits of MODSIM

Integrating modeling with simulation, enables the virtual modeling of intricate shapes and seamless performance and behavior simulation.

  • Gain insight into all design aspects at an earlier stage. Early simulation in product development enhances performance understanding and validates requirements.
  • Moreover, encouraging the exploration of numerous design alternatives is crucial. This approach enables rapid iteration of design options, ultimately expediting the introduction of innovative products to the market.
  • Furthermore, facilitating collaborative innovation is essential. Full collaboration among all stakeholders, from defining product requirements to designing and validating performance on a shared platform, marks the next phase in engineering advancement.


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