3DEXPERIENCE Multi-Pocket Machining

Merge Complex Pockets With the Same Depth

Using Global Feature Recognition, you can identify and merge several pockets with the same depth on the same part. This enables you to machine all the pockets with the same depth in one single pocketing operation.

1. From the Axial Machining section of the action bar, click Global Feature Recognition.


2. In the Global Feature Recognition dialog box that appears, select the following check boxes:

• Complex Pocket
• Complex Step
• Merge Pockets
• Blind Slot
• Through Slot
• Complex Cutout

3. Click OK when finished.

A feature is created in the Manufacturing View for pockets with the same depth. Right-click a feature and select Hide/Show to display the pockets that belong to the same feature in the work area.


The system automatically sets hard boundary contours on the detected pockets. To change the hard boundary contours to soft contours, edit the contour in the Pocketing Operation dialog box when creating a pocketing operation.
If some islands are not detected by the system, add them manually in the Pocketing Operation dialog box.

4. Create a pocketing operation to machine in one shot all the merged pockets.

Watch the following video for a demonstration of this new capability

Article compiled by Remi Boutin
Application Engineer