Structural Package Designer – CTN

CATIA Structural Package Designer role provide a powerful and easy to use set of capabilities to design Packaging. Thanks to the complete integration within the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, all data created can be shared and matured by all collaborators and disciplines. Users are able to create innovative design, using concurrent engineering between unfolded and folded view. The management of folded and gluing cycle gives the users the capabilities to design very complex Structural Package. The Structural Package Design application give a specialized feature-based modeling approach and thanks to the new dedicated drawing capabilities, the user can push is design to manufacturing and Artwork.



The Structural Package Design app enables designers to create and modify packages with accuracy. It offers a highly productive and intuitive design environment providing different tools to fulfill packaging needs.

  • Reduces design and manufacturing errors thanks to process oriented structural package features
  • Cuts tooling design thanks to dedicated Standards preparation
  • Cuts design modifications capitalizing IP throw templates and applying automated design using power copy
  • Reduces Decision Times using concurrent engineering delivered by the single platform