Collaborative Innovation – CNV

Collaborative Innovation provides engineering teams with a scalable, online environment for managing product design, multi-physics simulation and manufacturing process planning with maximum traceability and flexibility. The environment is scalable from small engineering companies to globally distributed enterprises and their supply chain(s).


Collaborative Innovation is based upon a common data management architecture for design/engineering-centric, manufacturing/production-centric and simulation-centric processes.  Its online environment helps medium to large companies bring more innovative products to market faster.  Importantly, it has migration and coexistence capabilities to leverage legacy data while pursuing new projects.

Collaborative Innovation’s sophisticated technology enables design reuse through access to a part library and the exchange of information with partners.  Users ofCollaborative Innovation can work on predefined design tasks and perform design impact analysis to evaluate potential alternatives or changes. Capabilities can be further expanded with a wide range of optional licenses to work on configured products, manage and track design changes, perform complete digital validation processes and execute comprehensive interferences-analysis.

When used for CATIA® 3DEXPERIENCE®, Collaborative Innovation is the only technology in the market that supports “data-driven design:”

  • Designers can author and manage design directly online with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform instead of locally on checked-out data that is potentially outdated.
  • Designers confidently access the real-time virtual prototype from anywhere anytime, which helps improve their productivity and leverage global engineering talent to develop innovative products.
  • Designers can pursue improved “concurrent engineering” by enabling teams to simultaneously design a product assembly, enabled by the unique capability of managing assemblies in the “database” and not in “files.” This helps converge on the targeted design much faster reducing overall cycle time.

When Collaborative Innovation is expanded with Configuration Management, the following is possible when managing CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE:

  • Designers can define all product variants within a single configured product structure considering global market needs through its “design in a configured context” capability, which enables companies to achieve the simultaneous launch of products.
  • Designers retrieve parts from impacted variants in real-time in a “max case” or “overloaded” design session to converge on the most optimum design significantly faster. This encourages design reuse enabling companies to offer more variants at lower costs.

Collaborative Innovation is not limited to managing CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE.  It also manages content created with MCAD applications including CATIA® V5, SOLIDWORKS® V1, NX™, Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, AutoCAD, Solid Edge and Inventor as well as ECAD applications from Cadence® Allegro, Mentor Graphics and Zuken.  Connectors for CATIA V5 and SOLIDWORKS are included with Collaborative Innovation while other connectors are add-on licenses.

Regardless of the CAD tool used, the design information is available to all complimentary processes either directly or through synchronization with the engineering bill-of-material.  As such, the latest design status and information is reviewable as part of processes such as requirements management, program management, sourcing, materials compliancy, and product quality.

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