Quality Execution System

Achieve Process Verification

Step-by-step Directive Quality Execution System

DELMIA Apriso Quality Execution supports Six Sigma and other manufacturing quality assurance initiatives. Build quality activities directly into production processes and material management flows so that quality control plans can be implemented and enforced at every facility of your enterprise.

Execute virtually any quality operation with DELMIA Apriso, collecting data via barcode, connecting to machine or test equipment or manually from the operator. DELMIA Apriso provides process verification and single or double e-signature for compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulations.

Simplify Operations, Improve Control and Reduce Errors

When quality processes are executed manually, inspection and step-by-step quality instructions can be integrated into the operator’s unified interface for production, maintenance or warehouse processes. Any quality defects discovered can be marked on a visual depiction of the part or Work-in-Process to become part of the process history, and included in future reports for continuous process improvement. Step-by-step directed execution is delivered in any form: in-line check-lists, work instructions, safety instructions (risk phrases and icons) and documents. DELMIA Apriso communicates directly with your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), data historian or test equipment to capture quality tests values.

Quality Execution System key benefits:

  • Integrate instructions into processes
  • Provides process verification
  • Communicate directly to capture test values