Get Real-Time Visibility & Control

Real-time Visibility

DELMIA Apriso Production and DELMIA Apriso Warehouse work together to enable Just-in-Time manufacturing, sequenced assembly and shipping to eliminate idle inventory, reduce waste and increase efficiency. Supported by digital continuity across domains, these techniques improve inventory accuracy and achieve a Lean material flow for greater inventory management control.

DELMIA Apriso allows parts and sub-assemblies received in sequence to be delivered to production stations as needed, supporting In-line vehicle inventory, Just-In-Time inventory and other best practices.

Control of Complex Sequencing Activities

DELMIA Apriso Just-in-Sequence lets planners adjust schedules in real-time, inserting and removing items to adapt to changes in demand and shop floor events and  helps improve manufacturing efficiency by identifying, measuring and eliminating waste not only on the shop floor, but anywhere it is found in your manufacturing sites. The system automatically “blends” multiple final assembly sequences for areas that service multiple production lines. DELMIA Apriso empowers the user experience with comprehensive decision support and directs operators through the production process, validating actions through barcode or RFID scans while managing sequence exceptions and reversals.

Just-In-Sequence key benefits:

  • Eliminates materials to increase cash flow
  • Reduces floor space to optimize efficiency
  • Synchronizes manufacturing operations with suppliers and customers

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