Executive Intelligence Center

Executive Dashboard to Stay Current

Executives Stay Current, Respond Quickly

Manufacturers operate a globally competitive environment, driving the need to accelerate response time. Disruptions, downtime or costly quality recalls must be avoided at all costs. Executives are increasingly called upon on a 24/7 basis, frequently traveling or away from the office. These decision makers are turning to mobile dashboards to stay current and respond quickly to potential operational issues.

High-Level Situational Awareness

The DELMIA Apriso Executive Intelligence Center (EIC) delivers all the data extracted from DELMIA Apriso Manufacturing Process Intelligence, and presents it in an intuitive format on an executive’s smartphone or tablet. EIC provides executives with at-a-glance situational awareness of all enterprise facilities. A graphical touch interface presents the big picture via summary reports and charts, with the ability to drill down to the underlying data.

DELMIA Apriso customers can use this app out-of-the-box to access self-service analytics without lengthy IT support. What results is an enterprise decision maker who can realize productivity improvement quickly, from any location on the planet.

Executive Intelligece Center key benefits:

  • Maintain high level of awareness
  • Monitor global operations any time
  • Follow quality metrics from any location

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