Composites Laser Projection Operator – CLJ – Extension

With the “CATIA Composites Laser Projection Operator” Option integrated in the 3DExperience platform, manufacturing preparators can generate and edit Laser Projection outputs.

It allows manufacturers to project the shape of the ply to be laid on the mold by the operator, resulting in a better positioning.

This includes the support of major laser projector providers.

The Composites Laser Projection consists of two commands:

  • Laser Projection Export generates .ply and .cal files.
  • Laser Projection File Reader reads .ply files and displays their content in the 3D area.

These two commands are launched from the Composites Manufacturing Preparation app.



The Composites Laser Projection Operator Option provides the ability to generate and edit laser projection files to the shopfloor.

  • Fully integrated in the CATIA Composites Manufacturing Preparation app
  • Define Target Points and Plies / Cores/ Cut Pieces to export
  • Offset based on Core Sampling (Cured/ Uncured)
  • Laser points control (tesselation)
  • Visualization of the Laser normal vectors
  • .ply & .cal Export
  • .ply Laser Projection File Reader