MBSE Implementation Best Practices and Case Studies

MBSE Implementation Best Practices and Case Studies

Case studies from thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and Lockheed Martin

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing landscape, complexity is the new norm. From driverless cars to quantum computing, the challenges faced by companies are unprecedented. Delivering innovative products that meet customer expectations while staying on time and within budget has never been more demanding. Essential to managing complexity, a Model-Based Systems Engineering MBSE approach provides the ability to:

  • Help avoid costly technical changes made late in a product’s development cycle
  • CATIA® Magic, used in combination with MBSE, enables engineers to address the challenge of managing complexity within their organization
  • Eliminate departmental silos, with a universal modeling language to streamline product development

Unlocking Solutions Through MBSE

Enter Model-Based Systems Engineering MBSE, a game-changer in how organizations tackle complexity. By embracing MBSE, companies can revolutionize their approach to product development, from conceptualization to lifecycle management. But MBSE alone isn’t the magic bullet. It requires specialized tools and a collaborative mindset across functional disciplines to navigate the intricate webs of complexity early on, preventing costly delays down the line.

No Magic: Leading the Way in MBSE

No Magic Inc., now part of Dassault Systèmes, stands at the forefront of MBSE and modeling solutions. With a track record spanning industries like automotive, aerospace, and healthcare, No Magic’s tools, including the core product MagicDraw, empower companies like BMW, GE, and Lockheed Martin to streamline their systems engineering processes.

Real-World Success Stories

Learn how Lockheed Martin and thyssenkrup Marine Systems use MBSE to connect product teams and successfully design and build products in this case study. Let’s delve into these two compelling case studies showcasing the transformative power of MBSE.

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems: By adopting MBSE, thyssenkrupp streamlined interface management for its diesel-electric submarines, ensuring flawless integration of subsystems and enhancing operational stealth.

Lockheed Martin: Embracing No Magic’s tools, Lockheed Martin navigated the complexities of aerospace engineering, accelerating system development and fostering interoperability across diverse toolsets.

Laura Hart, Lockheed Martin Senior Manager, Model-Based Solutions Group

Unleash the Potential of MBSE

As a result of integrating No Magic into Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform heralds a new era of MBSE. Additionally, with CATIA Magic solutions, companies can harness the power of MBSE seamlessly, driving innovation, efficiency, and collaboration across the product lifecycle.

Join the Model-Based Systems Engineering MBSE Revolution

In an era defined by complexity, MBSE offers a beacon of hope for engineering-driven manufacturers. Therefore, by embracing Model-Based Systems Engineering MBSE with CATIA Magic and unlock endless possibilities in the digital age of manufacturing.

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