Model-Based Systems Engineering: The Key to On-Time Product Launches

Learn How 2 Companies Launch New Products Faster

There are 4 major contributors to new product launch delays: poor management of development processes, frequent design changes, lack of coordination amongst functional areas, and unanticipated resource shortages.1

Part of the reason is the products themselves, having various attributes such as mechanical, electrical, or electronic. Designing so many fundamentally different systems to work together is a complex system engineering challenge. To succeed, mechanical, electrical systems, electronic systems and software systems must all be designed to interoperate perfectly.

With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Dassault Systèmes takes a fundamentally different approach to preventing the challenges that delay new product launches—a single platform with apps for every engineering discipline, eliminating the silos. Two companies, industrial equipment manufacturer CLAAS Group and BOSCH Car Multimedia, share their experiences on the platform.

1 From the study “The Effect of Product Innovation Delays on Operating Performance,” Vinod Singhal, departmental editor for Production and Operations Management at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Kevin Hendricks, operations management professor at Wilfrid Laurier University.


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