Made to Cure for BioPharma

Enhance Agility and Performance in Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing for High-quality medicines

Made to Cure for BioPharma

Improve Agility and Productivity Across Development, Manufacturing and Supply Chain

In the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical landscape, the demand for efficient and cost-effective production of high-quality therapeutics is greater than ever. Pharmaceutical companies must efficiently produce high-quality therapeutics at lower costs, therefore, relying on a strong value network to adapt facilities and adopt new production methods for global patient treatment. The Dassault Systèmes Made to Cure for BioPharma Industry Solution Experience is designed to revolutionize your operations, providing agility and boosting productivity across the entire development, manufacturing, and supply chain spectrum.

Transforming Manufacturing Lines for Precision Medicines

In the shift towards small batch production of precision medicines, end-to-end pharmaceutical manufacturing line optimization is imperative for sustainable production. Embrace a new paradigm with digitalized manufacturing, facilitating effective collaboration among diverse stakeholders. With Made to Cure for BioPharma, engineers can model, optimize, and commission production lines through a virtual experience before implementation, allowing for efficient planning and execution. This innovative approach allows for quick adaptation to engineering changes and on-demand adjustments to accelerate new product introduction (NPI), eliminating additional costs and delays.

Synchronizing Global Manufacturing Operations

Achieving consistency in global high-quality medicine production is a challenge. Made to Cure for BioPharma addresses this by consolidating information from global manufacturing operations into a unified environment. Additionally, by streamlining forecasting, planning, and scheduling, the solution enhances pharmaceutical manufacturing profitability through the synchronization and optimization of processes. As a result, the reduction of inventory and lead time, helps eliminate obsolete inventory.

Optimize Product Quality, Yield and Costs Across the Manufacturing Value Network

Continuing process verification is pivotal for regulatory compliance, process monitoring, and maintaining a consistent state of control. Furthermore, Made to Cure for BioPharma provides a real-time view of global manufacturing operations, enhancing visibility into process operations, quality, and compliance risks. Access real-time data, automated aggregation, and contextualization to create a robust and sustainable commercial production process. Additionally, with automated alerts for critical production operations, real-time monitoring fosters data-driven decision-making, establishing a culture of process-knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Here are Just a Few Key Benefits of This Industry Solution:

Up to 60% increase in manufacturing efficiency

80% reduction in QC release activities’ time

80% reduction in human error

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Made to Cure for BioPharma

Explore the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing with Made to Cure for BioPharma Industry Solution Experience – where precision meets productivity.

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Dassault Systèmes and Sanofi Partner for Tech Transfer Optimization

In this press release, Dassault Systèmes announces a collaboration with Sanofi to enhance the technology transfer and industrialization of its upcoming adaptable facilities, thereby promoting operational excellence.

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