High-Tech Consumer Electronics Innovation Through Simulation

High-Tech Consumer Electronics Innovation Through Simulation

Four ways to accelerate and improve development of consumer electronics products

High-tech companies are increasingly turning to simulation to help meet the challenges innovation presents, as well as to rein in costs and accelerate development timelines. Historically, simulation has been the province of highly-trained specialists and a select range of companies with the resources to afford sophisticated, highly specialized technologies—and the internal expertise to configure and apply them effectively.

In today’s competitive consumer electronics marketplace, innovation happens fast. A globalized marketplace—and widely varying demand and regulatory requirements in global markets—create the need for greater numbers of product variants. As a result, it is imperative that designers “get it right the first time.” This is particularly difficult when considering the complexity of smart, connected products, in which software, hardware and electronic components must interoperate seamlessly.

Today’s simulation solutions are more versatile, more accurate, more affordable and easier to use. This extends their utility beyond the testing lab into even the earliest stages of engineering—and for use by occasional users.

While enabled by technology, the digital transformation of organizations is based upon key principles of human interaction. Discover how simulation fuels the following four:

  • Front-loading of knowledge
  • Capitalization of know-how
  • Effective and frictionless collaboration
  • The striving for high performance

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