WEBINAR: Virtually Commission Your GMP Pharma Manufacturing Line Before Physical Implementation


Dr. Behnam Afsharpoya and Clément Glace from Dassault Systèmes Share the Benefits of Virtual Commissioning


In the dynamic landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, the ability to swiftly deliver groundbreaking therapeutics to patients worldwide is crucial. Organizations must adapt to the ever-changing and increasing demand for innovative solutions. The key lies in the rapid implementation of new production lines, ensuring efficiency while adhering to stringent regulations through commissioning and qualification of buildings and equipment. Furthermore, discover the Power of Virtual Commissioning with Dassault Systèmes!


Virtually Commission Your Gmp Pharma Manufacturing Line Before Physical Implementation


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Embrace the future with Dassault Systèmes’ Virtual Commissioning solution, revolutionizing the way pharmaceutical organizations approach commissioning; it involves leveraging cutting-edge simulation technology to commission control software within a virtual machine model before integrating it into the actual system.


Join our On-Demand Webinar to Unlock the Benefits:

  1. Fast-Track Industrialization, Scale-Up, and Tech Transfer: Speed up your journey from concept to production, ensuring rapid industrialization and efficient scale-up.
  2. Optimized Asset Utilization and Quick Changeovers: Maximize asset efficiency by minimizing equipment immobilization. Experience swift change-over times, boosting overall operational agility.
  3. Mitigated Quality Risks: Ensure top-notch quality by identifying and addressing risks early in the commissioning process. Minimizing the chance of quality-related challenges.
  4. Enhanced Flexibility & Modularity in Production Lines: Boost adaptability with more flexible and modular production lines, tailored to the demands of small multi-batch drugs and diverse market requirements.


Stay ahead in the race for pharmaceutical excellence by embracing Virtual Commissioning. Moreover, register for our on-demand webinar now to explore how Dassault Systèmes can empower your organization to meet the demands of the future.

The future of pharmaceuticals starts here!


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