Improve the Electromagnetic Performance of Your Product Designs



Take your EM product design exploration and optimization to the next level with CST and Isight simulation software

Optimization is a key stage in any electromagnetic (EM) product design to meet or exceed specifications, constraints, and objectives. To validate electromagnetic performance before investing in physical prototypes, designers use simulation software tools to virtually assess how product designs will perform in the real world. Learn about tools for enhanced EM design exploration and optimization.


WEBINAR - Improve the Electromagnetic Performance of your Product Designs


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Watch this webinar to see how CST Studio Suite electromagnetic simulation software offers both parameter sweep and optimization with standard licensing, giving designers the ability to explore “what-if” scenarios to evaluate the electromagnetic performance of design alternatives.

Discover how adding Isight takes this process to a higher level by providing a full set of exploratory techniques and the ability to easily include other simulation tools in the process, such as Excel, MATLAB, Mathcad, and internally developed programs.


Learn how you can:

  • Set up a CST Studio Suite project to perform parameter sweep and optimization during the design phase
  • Combine CST with Isight to include other simulation tools in your analysis for enhanced evaluation of design alternatives
  • Perform intelligent Design of Experiments (DOE), Optimization, and Stochastic analyses
  • Achieve an optimized, robust, and reliable design with improved electromagnetic performance while minimizing physical investments


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