End-to-End Simulation for the Medical Device Industry

Be Unstoppable with End-to-End Simulation

Maximize virtual experimentation benefits throughout the product lifecycle using simulation

The medical device industry stands at a pivotal moment, where companies must transition from the conventional design-build-test approach to embrace a simulation-driven strategy to secure victory in the competition.

This industry, once competitive, is now even more so. While this benefits patients with improved quality and affordability, it also drives companies into a fierce race to be first to market. Factors like cost constraints, soaring expenses, stricter regulations, rising product recalls, and the pandemic-induced shift to remote work have intensified the competition.

Growing design complexity, with multiple systems, electronics, and early flaw detection needs, poses challenges for the medical device industry.

Simulation-Powered Strategy for Medical Device Industry Success | Life Sciences Industry

3DEXPERIENCE® powered virtual twins are revolutionizing medical device development. This platform streamlines processes, offering realistic human body simulations to assess device performance, safety, and quality. This approach drastically cuts development time and costs while allowing for extensive testing to improve patient outcomes.

Simulation expedites time to market by modeling complex systems, reducing the need for physical prototypes, saving time and money. 3DEXPERIENCE data collaboration ensures digital continuity, speeding up feedback before production, protecting quality, profits, and reputation.

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