Electric Vehicle Cabin Design and Battery Cooling

Improve your electric vehicle (EV) driving range without compromising passenger comfort

Electric vehicle designers constantly face a trade-off between passenger comfort, EV range, and battery cost. In fact, in extreme weather conditions, ensuring passenger comfort and safety can reduce the battery range by 40% or more. Even in more reasonable climates, EV’s consume 15% more energy per mile because of hot or cold weather conditions. Dassault Systèmes provides an integrated design and verification process that creates a comfortable environment for the passengers.

This integrated design and verification process effectively ensures passenger comfort, maintains acceptable temperatures for onboard electronics, and keeps the battery cooling temperature within an optimal efficiency range. This process will ensure the desire passenger experience can be achieved while meeting regulatory requirements, maximizing range and achieving target battery life.

A high fidelity transient and 3D simulation model, combined with vehicle level systems integration, is the key to success when designing an electric vehicle. Design, evaluate, and iterate on Electric Vehicle cabin design and battery cooling with confidence, allowing your car to outrun the competition.

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Dassault Systèmes provides a complete solution for electric vehicle designs

Dassault Systèmes addresses all the challenges from early concept stages to final verification as well as individual components and subsystem models of full vehicle integrations. It allows the evaluation of all the systems and key performance indicators. Furthermore, the integrated simulation capability allows you to optimize the energy management for the full vehicle.

Electronics Cooling

Electronic components are highly sensitive to high temperatures. Extreme cold or overheating can cause battery failure, leading to costs and safety concerns. Therefore, it is essential to cool batteries optimally while minimizing energy consumption.

Electronics Cooling

Systems Model

Electric vehicle are complex systems and each sub-system requires different modeling expertise. Dymola reduces system complexity by consolidating and synthesizing to create high fidelity models and provide better understanding of system behavior.

System Model

Cabin Confort Model

There are many challenges in designing an efficient and comfortable cabin. SIMULIA Fluid Thermal Solutions can be used to address those challenges and help in digitally designing an efficient and comfortable cabin without compromising the looks of the vehicle.

Cabin Control Model

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