Introduction to fe-safe

This course is an introduction to the use of fe-safe in setting up and running various scenarios of fatigue analysis studies. The course includes many hands-on tutorials and practical examples.



$1,160 / Student
2 Days
Basic Knowledge of finite elements and fatigue analysis.

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Class Structure

Upon Completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Set up models and import models into fe-safe
  • Select a material for fatigue analysis
  • Set up loadings
  • Run various analyses in fe-safe


Class Lessons

Lesson 1:  Overview of Fatigue and fe-safe

Lesson 2:  Using FEA Solutions in fe-safe

Lesson 3:  Using Group Parameters in fe-safe

Lesson 4:  Theory of Fatigue for Analysts

Lesson 5:  Loading Methods in fe-safe

Lesson 6:  Complex Loading in fe-safe

Lesson 7:  Fatigue Analysis Process and Algorithms

Lesson 8:  fe-safe Diagnostic Techniques

Lesson 9:  Infinite Life, Probability and Theory of Critical Distances

Appendix 1:  High Temperature Fatigue Analysis in fe-safe

Appendix 2:  Rotational Symmetry of Loading

Appendix 3:  Signal Processing with fe-safe

Appendix 4:  fe-safe GUI Reference

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