Business-Based Optimization for Transportation & Mobility Supply Chains

Business-Based Optimization for Transportation & Mobility Supply Chains

Achieving optimal and sustainable operations in transportation & mobility with DELMIA

The transportation & mobility industry faces increasing pressure from rapidly shifting supply and demand, and the intensifying changes driven by electrification and automation. Success today means responding to continuing supply chain disruptions by leveraging the right technology to create the most benefit.

DELMIA has always been at the forefront of addressing business challenges and supporting integrated business planning. For example, enabling customers to model the intricacies of their supply chains and consider the trade-offs between operational and business goals using advanced optimization. Providing unique ways for organizations to weather the storm of disruption and variability and emerge as leaders in their industries.

In summary, organizations can now embark on a journey towards supply chain innovation and integrated business planning to address today’s challenges and disruptions. Furthermore, by utilizing DELMIA, they can initiate the development of essential processes and infrastructure in key business areas, ranging from high-level supply chain strategy to manufacturing, logistics, and workforce planning.

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Optimize your logistics and transportation network. Gain full control over the fleet, align transport with production plans and collaborate more closely with customers across the supply chain.

Model and optimize your supply chain network performance from inbound supply to manufacturing and distribution. Gain control, visibility and lasting resiliency across your value network.

Lastly, improve staff utilization and employee productivity. Strike the right balance between operational efficiency, regulations, and employee and customer satisfaction.

How To Plan The Modern Supply Chain


How To Plan The Modern Supply Chain

Modern supply chain planning systems use simulation and advanced logic to consider all factors to develop a truly optimized plan. As a result, a plan that delivers the desired level of customer service (and risk) at the lowest overall cost.

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