Design on the go with 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA, work with team members around the world, engineer across systems and domains, and effortlessly keep all your data up to date.

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3DEXPERIENCE CATIA Delivers a Fast, Intuitive
Design Experience

Minimize time spent looking
for information by 30%

Customizable dashboards & widgets.
Work more efficiently by choosing the
information that’s relevant to you.

Save as much as 40%
of your engineering time

Find the optimal solution
to each new design challenge by referring
to previous designs and analyses.

Evaluate 3Xs more
design alternatives than before

Explore more ideas and
disruptive engineering solutions with the power of automation and generative design.

Save as much as 40%
of your engineering time

Single source of truth.
Easily find and reuse data, preventing waste
and rework.

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3DEXPERIENCE CATIA is simple to use for both experts and casual users and empowers teams of any size to accelerate their product development process.

The powerful features will enable you to expand innovation, get products to market faster and climb to the top of tough, competitive markets.

Frequently Asked Questions about moving to 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA

When your team moves from CATIA V5 to 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA, they’ll get access to training courses and onboarding so they can master the new interface.

Further advanced training on specific skillsets is available in our education offers.

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