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The world’s first industrial 3D printing solution for creating vibrant, full-color functional parts with minimal post-processing.




Why Buy the XRIZE

RIZE redefined additive manufacturing with XRIZE, a versatile, multi-material industrial 3D printer that’s purpose-built for safety, strength, accuracy and surface finish. XRIZE’s hybrid materials system combines a filament-based extrusion process with a functional ink-based jetting process to create 3D printed composite parts in full color. RIZE filaments are based on cyclic olefin-based materials, do not decompose at high temperatures and have extremely low moisture absorption.


The First Full-Color & Carbon Composite 3D Printer Certified with UL 2904 GREENGUARD

The XRIZE is the first full-color, composite 3D printer to be certified for health and environment safety under the stringent UL 2904 standards. While 3D printers are known to emit up to 200 VOCs and ultrafine particles, XRIZE does not.  The RIZE’s Rizium ST filament and Rizium inks the XRIZE uses are also the first 3D printing material and ink to be GREENGUARD certified.



XRIZE 3D Printer


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Exceptional Value

XRIZE provides exceptional value for users across the enterprise by delivering vibrant, full-color durable parts in engineering-grade thermoplastic and carbon composite, offering unparalleled diversity of applications across prototyping, tooling and end use/service applications in manufacturing, package design, AEC, consumer products and medicine.


Augmented Polymer Deposition

XRIZE leverages RIZE’s Augmented Polymer Deposition process by extruding an engineering-grade thermoplastic and simultaneously jetting C, M, Y, K (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) inks through industrial printheads, voxel by voxel, to achieve the full-color part.  RELEASE INK is jetted between the part and the automatically-generated supports to enable peel-away support removal, leaving a smooth surface finish on all supported surfaces.


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RIZE OneTouch Software

The RIZE slicer has been custom designed from the ground up to generate tool paths for building parts fast without compromising strength.  Users can import files in multiple formats, including stl, obj, 3mf, ply, vrml, and fbx or use the SOLIDWORKS plug-in to directly import a model from CAD.


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