Space Allocation Architect – SAO

Define the Arrangement of General Equipment and Create Ship Spaces

Defining and customizing ship space arrangement is a complex task. Space Allocation Architect role provides space-level filtering, clipping and 3D searchreport, 2D layout and GAP creation directly based on space.
Space Allocation Architect quickly establishes ship subdivisions in spaces for conceptual, for design and for manufacturing. Project data can easily be captured and can then be reused by a similar project. This process experience also ensures the acceleration of design for downstream processes as well as capturing space properties such as weight, volumes, costs and materials.



Collaborative Innovation (CNV) and Collaborative Sharing (PCS)

Included Apps

  • CATIA Space Allocation
  • CATIA Space Referential
  • CATIA Generative Wireframe & Surface
  • CATIA Drafting
  • CATIA 2D Layout for 3D Design
  • CATIA 3D Templates Capture
  • CATIA Engineering Templates Reuse
  • CATIA Know-how Reuse
  • CATIA Product Structure Design
  • Converter for IGES
  • Converter for STEP
  • ENOVIA Design Review
  • ENOVIA Interference Check
  • ENOVIA Interference Finder