Machine & Equipment Designer – MQD

Create and Manage Complete Machine and Equipment Product Definition

Finding ways to reduce design-to-manufacturing cycles is a key priority for industrial companies. The required solution must be highly productive and flexible, fostering collaboration even in a wide geographical context and allowing design changes with controlled impacts.

CATIA Machine and Equipment Designer provides users with world-class tools to design simple to highly sophisticated machine & equipments.

Users can create any 3D part and assembly, with data exchange and coexistence with other systems. Real-time Collaboration allows teams to work together, regardless of location. A full suite of powerful functions allows defining components with custom behaviors and supports engineering connections and mechanism animation, also including tubing and piping, sheetmetal and welding capabilities.



A powerful set of applications built to allow the creation and management of sophisticated Machine & Equipment products.

Real-time collaboration: work in parallel and exchange through 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform

Conceptual design: use 2D or 3D techniques to create a workable concept for detailed design

Assembly & kinematics: Design and animate complex kinematic mechanisms

  • Engineering connections
  • Mechanism animation
  • Mechanism of mechanisms
  • Kinematics scenario
  • Clash detection
  • Simulation analysis

Unified user interface: Accelerate your design with natural manipulations and contextual interactions

Product review: Detect and track interferences, check the weight distribution and analyze the digital mock-up with relevant engineering data

Knowledge design automation: Capitalize on your assets, capture modeling methodologies and reuse associative templates

Associative Drawings: Generate associative layouts with multi-views, dimensions, and associated bill of materials

Detailed Design: Accelerate detailed design of the rough parts and check the feasibility to ensure the manufacturing requirements

Piping Design: 3D Piping Tubing environment for the physical design of bendable and flexible tubing and piping systems



Collaborative Innovation (CNV) and Collaborative Sharing (PCS)


Included Apps

  • CATIA Natural Shape
  • CATIA Natural Assembly
  • CATIA Bent Part Design
  • CATIA Assembly Design
  • CATIA Mechanical Systems Design
  • CATIA Mechanical Systems Experience
  • CATIA Part Design Essentials
  • CATIA Functional Part Design
  • CATIA Drafting
  • CATIA 2D Layout for 3D Design
  • CATIA Generative Wireframe & Surface
  • Converter for IGES
  • Converter for STEP
  • CATIA Component Family Definition
  • CATIA 3D Templates Capture
  • CATIA Engineering Templates Reuse
  • CATIA Know-how Reuse
  • SIMULIA Material Definition
  • CATIA Product Structure Design
  • CATIA 3D Printing
  • CATIA Weight Analysis
  • CATIA Sheet Metal Design
  • CATIA Weld Design
  • CATIA Piping & Tubing 3D Design
  • CATIA Piping & Tubing 3D Part Design
  • CATIA Engineering IP Control
  • ENOVIA Design Review
  • ENOVIA Interference Check
  • ENOVIA Interference Finder