Design Review Manager – DEY

Resolve Issues Earlier by Working on the Latest Virtual Product Globally

Design Reviewer Manager enables real-time issue resolution on the virtual prototype by enabling formal management of the complete review process within specific product zones or the entire product.  Design Reviewer Manager improves quality and time to market, and reduces costs by detecting, tracking and managing interferences on complex and large digital mockups.



For many companies, reviewing designs can be a challenging process with many steps to consider, from locating parts to building an assembly for participants to review and record any issues. Parts or assemblies can be out-of-date, review teams can be missing critical roles or individuals and reviews can be conducted haphazardly with no consensus on issues or follow-up actions.

Design Review Manager shares a complete 3D report of how development decisions are made. With Design Review Manager, users access tools that optimize visualization, navigation, analysis, and communication. Users may analyze product consistency, display review presentations, reply to reviews, and make better informed decisions.

Design Review Manager offers a complete set of tools to organize, manage and follow-up the review process for the design authored with CATIA® 3DEXPERIENCE® or converted from other CAD tools into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Design Reviewer Manager also supports collaborative review of multi-CAD designs referenced within a 3DEXPERIENCE product structure.  It enables users to:

  • Define the people to participate in the review — the community.
  • Define the target of the review through a set of objectives or the checks related to requirements.
  • Define the data to be reviewed — the context.
  • Declare the points or highlights to be presented during a review meeting and their severity and link them to a check.
  • Create follow-up tasks or engineering changes for each issue agreed during the meeting.

Follow the status of each check and the number of related issues and their maturity.

The data-driven architecture of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables reviews to be managed as database objects fully associated to the design, allowing teams to catch issues sooner.

In order to execute thorough reviews, Design Review Manager provides product synthesis experts with the capabilities to detect interferences on complex and large digital mockups in real-time. Users can detect potential clearance, contact and clash defects within the entire product or a specific design context by launching interference computations interactively or leverage automated interference validation. The results are stored in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for pursuing a complete resolution process.

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