Electrical 3D Design – EDE

It is increasingly necessary to embed electrical components that require optimized cable connections in industries such as industrial equipment, high-tech, and consumer goods. Electrical designers need to integrate their modules and cables early in the process to avoid costly physical prototypes.


CATIA – Electrical 3D Design & Documentation provides a dedicated electro-mechanical end-to-end solution for designing and documenting electrical modules in all industries that design electric, electronic and electro-mechanic components. It reduces time and cost for creating electrical modules directly in the Digital Mock-Up, avoids interferences and create up-to-date manufacturing documentation.


It addresses also suppliers who design independent electrical modules that interface with a global electrical digital mockup, especially when OEM’s are equipped with CATIA V5. (End-to-end auto or aerospace large wire harness design is addressed with CATIA – Electrical Wire Harness Design and CATIA – Electrical Wire Harness Flattening)


Included Modules

  • Electrical 3D Design & Documentation 1


Training Course – Electrical librarian and Harness Installation