Collection Developer – COD

Collection Developer provides Consumer Goods companies with a single environment to manage the development of product colors, materials and parts/trims, with the ability to enter vendor data and pre-cost products. Collection Developer executes development tasks across all functional teams to track product development, approvals and responsibilities. Companies can react quickly to a change in product requirements, source or demand.


Consumer Goods companies are challenged to develop products leveraging an ever-changing global supply chain while facing a reduced development calendar, competitive price challenges and an increase in demand of supply chain transparency that is driving strict compliance standards.

Consumer Goods companies are looking to differentiate themselves and create a competitive advantage.Collection Developer addresses those needs by:

  • Aligning and coordinating design, procurement and suppliers early in the design process to accelerate time-consuming product sample review iterations and placement decisions that are in line with compliance standards.
  • Standardizing product development processes, procedures and quality standards on an enterprise-wide basis.
  • Tracking the product development milestones and development performance to insure timely delivered products that achieve the planned objectives.
  • Measuring product development and design performance through the tracking of samples and by establishing target performance metrics such as adoption rates and gross margin percentage.
  • Creating an information infrastructure that automates and integrates product data, business processes and development workflows across the product lifecycle.

Collection Developer enables companies to rapidly deploy a state of the art, scalable enterprise solution for apparel/product design and development to take products from trend to design to sourcing to manufacturing to the customer. Collection Developercomes complete with industry-specific best practices for product design including pre-defined work processes, industry specific-data models, reports, role-based user interfaces, and document management capabilities.  Collection Planner is proven to help fashion product-design and consumer goods companies solve the strategic challenges of increasing global competition, shrinking product lifecycles, and reacting to ever-changing seasonal consumer demands.