Body in White Design Engineering – BIW

Dedicated Solution to Cover the BiW Process from Design to Manufacturing

  • Full digital continuity from end-to-end in a collaborative environment
  • Integrated product-process, including fasteners, FTA, etc.
  • 3DMaster applied end-to-end from design to manufacturing, completely replacing 2D drawings
  • Dedicated conceptual phase solution for architects supported by true system engineering (RFLP)
  • Integrated process planning and 3D validation to optimize flexibility in production lines


Body in White Design Engineering is available on premise.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Control risks and accelerate development by providing mature on-time collaborative engineering and reducing the number of prototypes
  • Secure the product/process chain through the automatic allocation of manufacturing rules
  • Improved budget and time control on existing production lines through impact management of new product manufacturing and engineering changes
  • Reduce errors and cycle times with unified fasteners, removing drawings, increasing product/process integration
  • Design everywhere, produce everywhere