3dxtools 3DEXPERIENCE Productivity Toolset

Significantly improve usability and reduce implementation

3dxtools productivity toolset significantly reduces the implementation time of 3DEXPERIENCE® PLM solutions. By delivering pre-built and configurable enhancements to standard 3DEXPERIENCE functionality, 3dxtools results in faster implementations and higher returns on PLM investments.

3dxtools enables these individual enhancements to be componentised, simplifying these common changes while streamlining their implementation and upgrades. 3dxtools not only closes the gap between requested and OOTB 3DEXPERIENCE functionality, but also reduces the time and cost required to investigate the impact of each change, leading to faster and lower risk implementations, while typically eliminating the costs of customization services.

Demonstrably an 3DEXPERIENCE out-of-the-box implementation will deliver 70% to 80% of an average customers requirement; 3dxtools has a proven track record of delivering the other 20% to 30% with no customization or programming.


3dxtools vs standard 3DEXPERIENCE functions

As a result of customer customization requirements, 3dxtools has evolved to a point where it delivers almost all customers customization needs. 3dxtools reflects the real world and is designed to augment and enrich the standard 3DEXPERIENCE functionality. Where the tools initially appear to duplicate functions, in fact the tools significantly extend the 3DEXPERIENCE functions or provide a different methodology that allows the customer to adapt 3DEXPERIENCE to their business, rather than adapt the business to 3DEXPERIENCE.



3dxtools is designed to be easy to set-up and maintain and uses the standard 3DEXPERIENCE Administration Settings. 3dxtools are split into Client Activity tools and Job Server Tools:

3dxtools Client Side – Activities

  • If-Condition: control complex actions / outputs with validation
  • New From Template: ensures document format compliance for E-Signoff
  • Change Policy: control policies in complex conditions and lifecycles
  • Sequence Number: advanced auto-naming made easy
  • Copy Values: enables complex string manipulations for 3DEXPERIENCE objects
  • Signature Mapping from Route: for complex E-Signoff requirements
  • Sync File Name with ID: ensure file names and object names are correct
  • Export to XML/Database: export data on trigger, e.g. BOM to ERP, etc.
  • Cascading Pick List: easy to configure and multilevel tool for classification, numbering and description for standardized input by users
  • Create Queue Object: create queue objects for processing by Job Server
  • PDF Report Generator: trigger based, dynamic creation of PDF output from of live data, e.g. BOM reports, using simple XML settings
  • Excel Report Generator: trigger based, dynamic creation of Excel output from of live data, e.g. BOM reports, using pre-built Excel templates
  • PDF Stamper: provides powerful water-marking/stamping of PDF
  • Initiate Route: simple tool for automating routes for current object
  • Send Email: send email when a trigger or automated task is complete
  • Outlook Email Message Scanner: import emails to create 3DEXPERIENCE objects, with sender, subject and attachments and linked to project, etc.
  • Get Related Objects: a tool to traverse links to run actions on objects related to the one the trigger initiated on.
  • Invoke JPO: create and plug in your own code to 3dxtools
  • Debugging Tools


3dxtools Server Side – Functions

  • Trigger Systems: timer / MSQ / File Watcher / Push Button
  • Processor System: universal batch processing
  • PDF Generation: Electronic Signature / Watermarks
  • Export System: XML / CSV / Excel / Sharepoint / etc., e.g. to ERP
  • Import System: XML / CSV / Excel / etc.
  • Derived outputs: STEP/ IGES / DWG etc.


Systems Requirements

  • Prerequisites as 3DEXPERIENCE R2012 or later, inc. Web Services
  • CAD/MS-Office applications as supported by 3DEXPERIENCE at Release and SP level


New enhancements, driven by customer needs, are constantly evolving and improving. Typically if an enhancement is viewed as generic and would be widely used, it would be incorporated into the general release.

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