Industrial 3D Printing Redefined

Built for Safety and Ease of Use

RIZE 3D printers are purpose-built for safety, strength and ease of use. Whether you’re a small or large manufacturer or an educator, RIZE makes industrial 3D printing inclusive for all users.



3D print functional thermoplastic and carbon composite parts:

  • full-color parts
  • functional prototypes
  • tooling, jigs and fixtures
  • on-demand service/end-use parts


Safe Material and Process

People safe, environmentally friendly and recyclable. Suits office, production and field use.

Digitally Augmented Parts

Text, images and QR codes for traceability, built-in trust and IP controls.

Easy to Use, Fastest Time to Part

Minimal, clean pre- and post-processing.

Best-in-Class Z-Strength

Ideal for functional prototypes, tooling and service parts.

Monochrome or Full-Color, Functional Printing

Choose the monochrome or full-color 3D printer and apply text and graphics to parts to include QR codes, part numbers, instructions or safety warnings.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

From initial investment to operational costs; a trained technician is not required.



RIZE 3D Printers

XRIZE - Full-Color Desktop 3D Printer

The world’s first industrial 3D printing solution for creating vibrant, full-color functional parts with minimal post-processing.


RIZE ONE - Monochrome Desktop 3D Printer

The first hybrid 3D printer that sustainably delivers the highest strength, safety, security and speed, with the lowest cost of ownership.


RIZE 2XC - Desktop Composite 3D Printer

Class-leading affordability and capability and the first monochrome composite 3D printer focused on your health and safety.


RIZE 7XC - Industrial Composite 3D Printer

Coming Soon – Affordable monochrome 3D printer with a larger build plate than other printers in its class. Click below to watch trailer.