Shaping the world you live in

CATIA V6 leverages the capacity of innovation for companies of all sizes in all industries by delivering breakthrough productivity design solutions powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


Industrial Design

Creative designers must be equipped with software tools that enable them to easily craft and adjust the product’s emotional content through their designs. They must achieve this while collaborating with the engineering department to ensure proper coverage of the product’s functional scope.

Mechanical Engineering

Utilize a powerful spec-driven modeling approach to create any type of mechanical shape, promoting concurrent engineering between styling and mechanical shape design. Ultra-fast functional modeling adds to dramatic time savings and ensures that products are designed right the first time.

Composites Engineering

From aircraft fairings to train noses, boat hulls and wind blades, composites offer compelling opportunities to meet today’s increasingly cost-driven market requirements and environmental concerns. Ultra light, strong, highly resistant and durable, composites are ideal for producing lightweight structures with tremendous performance capabilities. Yet, designing and mass-producing complex production-ready composite parts can be highly complex and expensive. Traditional solutions on the market today address the composites design, analysis and manufacturing processes separately.

Composites Engineering and Manufacturing from Dassault Systèmes covers the entire spectrum of composites product development, from design to analysis and manufacturing, on a single virtual platform. The solution is powered by CATIA for virtual product design, SIMULIA for virtual testing and DELMIA for virtual manufacturing. Developed in partnership with industry leaders, the solution is already in use at leading aircraft and helicopter manufacturers and suppliers, Formula 1 teams, yacht designers and builders, as well as wind energy, construction and consumer goods companies. The Composites Engineering and Manufacturing solution can also be complemented by an array of specialized applications and services from an extensive network of our highly qualified technology partners.

Plastic Part & Mold Design

The CATIA Mold and Tooling solution delivers a flexible and highly-customizable approach to conceptual and detailed tooling engineering.

Cars, high-tech products, home appliances, industrial equipments, medical devices, … The quantity, complexity, and variety of products that we use increases every day. We expect these products to be quickly available, affordable and highly reliable. To be able to produce them and meet expectations, it is necessary to ensure, early in the design cycle, that they can be manufactured and to devise an efficient and controlled fabrication process. This needs to be combined with the ability to react quickly and safely to any change in the product definition or in the production environment.

From small companies to large organizations, for simpler or more complex projects, this means massively increasing the productivity of the global process, being able to predict and control project timeframe, guaranteeing the right quality at the right cost, reducing dependency on staff turnover and minimizing critical or stressful situations. In the end, successfully tackling these challenges creates competitive advantage.

Electrical Systems

The electrical systems design solution from Dassault Systèmes provides a powerful integrated environment that enables collaborative design of electrical systems in the context of a 3D virtual product.

The solution is based on Requirement, Functional, Logical and Physical (RFLP) systems decomposition approach that enables full traceability of information from initial systems requirement to the final product implementation. Knowledge management capabilities facilitate automated checks of the electrical systems design against predefined compliance rules and standards.

The solution enables efficient concurrent design engineering of mechatronic systems so that engineers from multiple disciplines such as mechanical, electrical and systems engineering can work collaboratively to optimize the electrical systems design.

Fluid Systems

The fluid systems design solution from Dassault Systèmes provides advanced process-driven authoring and editing capabilities that improve productivity and quality fluid system designs. It provides the ability to author and edit logical piping, tubing & HVAC systems with the data definition of these systems being used to drive the detail design process.

The fluid systems design solution provides powerful 2D & 3D capabilities to create, modify, analyze, and document fluid system designs. It delivers a complete and unified definition of fluid systems, for all industries, that integrates company know-how and manages the application of standards and specifications.

The Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform delivers advanced collaborative data management capabilities that empowers users to manage their systems all the way from functional design down to detailed design.

AEC Engineering

Based upon the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, CATIA for Architecture Engineering and Construction marries the technological strength and depth of 3D with ease of use and productivity.

The solution delivers a totally collaborative design and conception environment where all building and civil programs stakeholders can collaborate together. Users can create their own virtual design teams to reduce design times, unconstrained by geographies and time zones. They can conceptualize building using dedicated catalog, create foundations and structural elements, geolocate the design and share with teams.

Also by making use of data storage on the cloud, the software suite will ensure the data is always safe, up to date and available to all members of the design team.

Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineering suite offers a complete solution for designing, shaping and managing the integration of chassis and powertrains into the automotive product lifecycle

Based upon the Dassault Systèmes 3D Experience Platform, CATIA Transportation & Mobility Multi-Discipline Engineering uses CATIA and 3DEXPERIENCE technology to deliver a truly collaborative design environment, where engineers can work together to strengthen the automotive product devlopment process.

Systems Engineering

The Dassault Systèmes Systems engineering solution delivers a unique open and extensible systems engineering development platform – a platform that fully integrates the cross-discipline modeling, simulation, verification and business process support needed for developing these complex ‘cyber-physical’ products. It enables organizations to quickly and easily evaluate requests for changes or develop new products or system variants and utilizing a unified performance based systems engineering approach that optimizes the overall cost of systems and product development.

Knowledge Engineering

A full range of processes for integrating knowledge management into your product design and innovation process

CATIA Knowledge Engineering captures and re-uses all CATIA developments for optimization of the product design process. The discipline covers major topics such as design rules and templates, execution knowledge, product optimization knowledge and key performance indicators with the product performance assessment process.


By leveraging the power of 3D, you can provide your customers, partners, and stakeholders with more clear, easily understandable product communications that significantly improve their ability to understand and retain complex information.