Jumpstart Digital Transformation with MES

The Road to Manufacturing Operations Maturity in the IIoT Age

There’s an overflow of new terms and hype daily, Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Reminding us regularly of the rapidly changing world for manufacturers. Everyone can find an excuse for ignoring them but, we assure you, it is not all hype. The world is changing faster than ever and manufacturers cannot afford to be left behind.

Jumpstart Digital Transformation with MES

This LNS Research eBook will explain that the first steps towards Digital Transformation is a clear strategy. For many manufacturing companies a first step can be implementing a common manufacturing operations management (MOM). This will help collect, share and disseminate information.

Download the eBook to learn how MOM can be a low risk, high-value entry point for manufacturers embarking on a Digital Transformation journey.


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