Inceptra Engineers Complete Composites Hands-On Training at NIAR

In April, 2016, four Inceptra Engineers completed a five day, hands-on composites class at NIAR (National Institute of Aviation Research) at Wichita State University. The class focused on fabrication, repair, bonding and testing. The class was very professionally managed and executed by the NIAR staff who let us use all their equipment and facilities during the event.

Through this training, Inceptra has greatly increased its knowledge of the design through manufacturing process of composite parts. With this knowledge, Inceptra can help our customers introduce composites design and manufacturing processes into their organization. We can also provide consulting in design practices in CATIA that will produce better parts for manufacturing. Inceptra is the leading provider of CATIA Composites training and consulting services in North America.

Highlights of the class:

  • Carbon and Honeycomb sandwich panel fabrication including tooling preparation, layup of uni and biax plies, de-bulking in stages, vacuum bagging and troubleshooting, preparing for autoclave, removing from autoclave, debagging, inspecting and sanding
  • Layup of different materials on complex doubly curved tools
  • Hand and Gerber cutting of plies and honeycomb core
  • Impact testing of composite panels and understanding different NDI inspection techniques
  • Damaging a fuselage and then scarf sanding the layers, mixing a resin system, preparing dry carbon for wet layup, cutting patches, repairing the fuselage and understanding bagging/curing procedures when you can’t place object in autoclave
  • Bonding of composite panels and strain gauge installation








NIAR Composites Training Course

Article compiled by Todd Wigglesworth
Senior Application Engineer