Webinar – Inceptra MBD Accelerator 4.0 Release

Inceptra MBD Accelerator 4.0 Release Webinar
Date: Mar 30, 2017 at 1:00 PM EDT

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Please join us for a FREE presentation and demonstration of the latest release for Inceptra MBD Accelerator 4.0.

Inceptra MBD Accelerator 4.0 release enhancements:

Enhanced AS-9102 First Article Inspection Report Items:

Option to create Partial First Article Inspection-
Users now have the capability of running in Partial FAI mode, which allows them to balloon only the characteristics that the select in CATIA

Form 2 saved specifications –
New capability to browse for and select customer unique material or process specifications for population into Form 2.

Form 3 Excel conditional formatting –
Upon report generation, users will now find that Form 3 reflects colored conditional formatting based on actual measurements relative to tolerance requirements.

Improved GDT images –
Next Generation GDT fonts have been implemented to improve graphical representation for various GDT images in AS-9102 output such as composite feature control frames.

Net-Inspect automatic publish of file attachments
For a given FAI publish, relevant documents are automatically posted to Net-Inspect as attachments (3dXml, jpg images of captures, etc).

Verisurf import CATIA annotation color functionality
Users now have the option, during Verisurf import, to automatically change CATIA annotation colors for review, based on actuals –vs– tolerance requirements.

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