Functional Design and Additive Manufacturing Workshop – Wichita

Functional Generative Design, Analysis, Additive Manufacturing and Subtractive Manufacturing Workshop

Join us for FREE workshops (by invitation only) of the CATIA Function Driven Generative Designer, Additive Manufacturing and Subtractive Manufacturing at the National Center for Aviation in Wichita, KS on September 26-28th.  Attendees will use CATIA Functional Generative Design to optimize a part with manufacturing constraints.  They will also experience manufacturing techniques such as Additive Manufacturing and CNC Machining.

At the end of this workshop begins our Additive Manufacturing Process Modeling Workshop.  In this workshop, attendees will use the 3DExperience SIMULIA tools to optimize the manufacturing process parameters to design a reliable part first time. Attendees will get exposed to the end-to-end manufacturing process modeling tools from SIMULIA, CATIA and DELMIA and build a part overnight.

Design engineers constantly strive to minimize part weight, maximize stiffness, reduce cost and optimize material usage. Today it is often cost-prohibitive to explore optimized parts.  Optimization has traditionally required experts and has not been available to designers. With niche optimization tools, creating “real” geometry which can be re-used and matured is time consuming and error-prone.  For most engineers, it is too time consuming to create and validate multiple concepts to select from. The result can be noncompetitive sub-optimal products.


The Function Driven Generative Designer (GDE) role brings a new intuitive workflow which allows non-specialist designers to automatically generate conceptual parts from a functional specification.  The designer simply provides the functional specification, including the 3D envelope, connections, the loading scenario, material, weight reduction target and desired manufacturing process.

A push of the button runs a simulation and generates the optimized concept shape. The part can then be comprehensively validated in the context of the previously defined specification. It is easy for the non-expert to create expert results



Please download the following pdf’s to see the schedule for the:

CATIA Functional Generative Design & Additive Manufacturing Workshop

Additive Manufacturing Process Workshop

For more information on the CATIA Function Driven Generative Designer, please read our flyer.