Drone Design Webinar

Please join Inceptra for a FREE presentation and demonstration of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform focused on Drone Design.

 Webinar: July 26, 2017 at 1:00 PM EDT

30 Minutes


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Inceptra will be hosting Part 1 of a Webinar series on Drone Design Excellence.

The webinar series is aimed to cover of all drone design topics. In the highly competitive drone market, leveraging design capabilities and accelerating your time to market is critical. Drone technology and capabilities are expanding every day. Stay ahead of the development curve and beat your competition to market. This webinar series will cover topics from new design capabilities like lightweighting and composites, to program and requirements management, to simulation of the digital twin.

In the ultra-competitive drone market, being first, and right, to market can make all the difference in having a successful product. Bring innovation to your design ahead of the competition and be the first to capture the early majority of customers. Ever shortening design cycle time pressures demand that prototypes must be proof of the design, not a testing ground. The only way to make this a reality is to have sales, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, and suppliers collaborate on a single source of the truth to achieve the desired business outcome.

Webinar Agenda

In Part 1, we will cover specific drone design topics:

  • Lightweighting of the design for maximum performance and flight time
  • Fully integrated solution combining Design, Structural Simulation, and Topology Optimization
  • Topology optimization of designs independent of the CAD system used
  • Trade studies of different manufacturing approaches, including 3D printing

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*Images courtesy of dji, droneblog, and Dassault Systemes

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