3D Printing, Design and Manufacturing

Join us for a 1 hour webinar on April 26 at 1:00 PM EDT.

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The webinar will include presentations and live demonstrations of latest capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE for 3D Printing. This platform provides a native integration for design, manufacturing, simulation, and shape compensation.


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Generative Design

  • Stop the design, build, test approach. Industrialize your Generative Design process with the same tools that Airbus and Boeing are using.Save weight, save time, save money.
  • Change how parts are conceived and designed
  • Complete integration of analysis,optimization, and modeling on a single platform
  • Optimize for Milling, Casting, or 3D Printing


  • Create print volume and build plate for parts to be printed
  • Nesting capability, support generation, and slicing generation to increase production

Virtual Build

  • Accurately predict part distortion and residual stresses
  • Digital morphing of design to compensate for distortion
  • Optimize support structure for efficient print time