eBook: Performance Driven Generative Design

Automatically generate optimized conceptual parts from a functional specification

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Performance Driven Generative Design allows you to explore and validate designs through simulation, and make informed decisions on weight reduction and optimized performance. Generate shapes that could not have been imagined using conventional design methods.

In today’s increasingly competitive market, it is no longer sustainable to approach design slowly and methodically. Designers are faced with faster design cycles and more demanding design requirements. Their compositions have to be lighter, cheaper, more aesthetic and more streamlined than the competition’s. They need to push past conventional ways of working to think innovatively – and quickly.

Download this eBook to discover how you can benefit from a newfound freedom to take advantage of flexible design processes while benefiting from the seamless alliance between design, simulation and manufacturing. No data is lost in translation, and speed and agility of design optimization and evaluation is multiplied – allowing you to create better products faster.

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