eBook: 3 Ways to Engage Every Stakeholder in the Product Development Process

Accelerate product development and maximize innovation

In today’s dispersed work environment, the need for teams to work remotely has increased the urgency for companies to truly embrace digital transformation as a way to empower collaboration. This means supporting the need to collaborate on designs, organize and safely share product data and connect your development to all relevant stakeholders.

It’s time to embrace an online collaborative platform. One that provides virtual teams with streamlined access to real-time data at any time, from anywhere. A platform with robust collaboration capabilities to increase product innovation, development speed, and productivity.

To learn more on how you can accelerate product development and maximize innovation on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, download our eBook: 3 Ways to Engage Every Stakeholder in the Product Development Process.

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The 3DEXPERIENCE platform brings continuity to your business processes in a secure manner and enhances the ability to:

Explore your product’s design

You can reveal your product in a browser-based 3D visualization and geometric analysis tools for 3D comparison, measurements, and sectioning. Additionally, you can track your design progress with versions to ensure relevant feedback and a clear understanding of the product development process.

Organize your data

You will be able to securely access and share content. Also, you can organize it according to your project need and historicize reviews and actions. In addition to this, leverage an easy search functionality and IP classification to find your content quickly, whenever you need it. Then make informed decisions by leveraging real-time data.

Collaborate on your design

Your team will be able to collaboratively review your design and make 3D markups on the fly. This way you can naturally organize, view, and track individual and shared issues. In addition, you can track tasks, and change actions from design creation through completion. Finally, you will be able to understand the issues in context and solve them as a team.

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