DELMIA Ortems Optimizes Production and Balances Resources

Speed Group Case Study

Transform Manufacturing with Intelligent Resource Management

In response to evolving customer purchasing patterns and heightened competition, French-based Speed Group, a global manufacturer of extruded synthetic monofilaments, recognized the importance of enhancing flexibility and production efficiency. To achieve this, they adapted their business model to cater to smaller, more frequent orders from customers. The company utilizes Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA Ortems solutions to optimize production and resource allocation based on customer demands.

“In the six years since we implemented the DELMIA Ortems solution, we were able to transfer two of our large capacity production lines from France to our new factories in the US and Chili. While still ending up improving our productivity at our French installation by 20%. All this was possible simply by grouping our orders and optimizing our production flows,” Jean Kasapyan, Industrial Director, Speed Group said.

Jean Kasapyan Industrial Director, Speed Group

DELMIA has helped us reduce our stock by 27%, increase our productivity by 18% and reduce waste by 35%.

Jean Kasapyan, Industrial Director, Speed Group

We use DELMIA’s Manufacturing Planner to organize production based on customer orders and deadlines. DELMIA Ortems Manufacturing Planner streamlines the entire process, providing dashboards for optimal resource allocation. We are using this solution in our French plant. This saves the need for a full-time resource dedicated to this task, Kasapyan noted.

Speed’s recipe for sustainability in the future lies in diversification. There have been recurrent dry spells in the agricultural sector. As a result, reducing the demand for brush cutters. Therefore, Speed started exploring alternative applications for its plastic fibers.

“We’ve come up with new business opportunities in the sports industry,” Kasapyan said.

“In effect, after three years of research and development, we have produced a new type of monofilament for use in tennis rackets that have been adopted by world ATP-ranked champions.”

Improving production planning with DELMIA Ortems has boosted Speed Group’s productivity. They now confidently meet delivery dates, reduce stock, waste, and overall costs.

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