Introduction to Tosca Structure

Introduction to Tosca Structure

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the structural optimization capabilities of Tosca Structure. Tosca Structure provides topology, shape, sizing, and bead optimization for mechanical structures based on simulation results from industry-standard FEA packages. Optimization can significantly reduce the required number of expensive improvement loops or prototypes.

$1,160 / Student
2 Days

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Class Structure

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create optimal design concepts or improve existing designs of mechanical structures
  • Solve fundamental topology, shape, sizing, and bead optimization problems
  • Optimize parts regarding weight, stiffness, and durability
  • Visualize, evaluate, and transfer optimization results


Class Lessons

Lesson 1: Introduction to Optimization

Lesson 2: Workflow with Tosca Structure

Lesson 3: Typology Optimization Basics

Lesson 4: Geometric Restrictions for Topology Optimization

Lesson 5: Postprocessing and Validation of Optimization Results

Lesson 6: Sensitivity-based Topology Optimization

Lesson 7: Shape Optimization Basics

Lesson 8: Geometric Restrictions for Shape Optimization

Lesson 9: Sensitivity-based Shape Optimization

Lesson 10: Sizing Optimization

Lesson 11: Bead Optimization

Lesson 12: Configuration and Solver Interface


Workshop 1: Stiffness Optimization of a Brake Booster

Workshop 2: Stiffness Optimization of a Control Arm

Workshop 3: Topology Optimization of a Crane Hook

Workshop 4: Shape Optimization of a Plate with a Hole

Workshop 5: Shape Optimization of a Connecting Rod

Workshop 6: Sensitivity-based Optimization of a Crane Hook

Workshop 7: Sizing Optimization of a Holder

Workshop 8: Bead Optimization of an Oil Pan

Workshop 9: Bead Optimization of a Hood (optional)

Start Date
June 6th
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