Introduction to CST Studio Suite

CST Studio Suite Training Course

Throughout this course you will become familiar with the basic usage of CST Studio Suite in terms of its modeling and simulation capabilities. Participants will learn about the general setup, submission, and result analysis procedures for high-frequency 3D electromagnetic simulations.


$580 / Student
1 Day
This course is recommended for electromagnetic simulation analysts.

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Class Structure

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Navigate the general layout of the CST Studio Suite interface
  • Generate CAD geometries within the native modeling interface
  • Set up the project environment with the desired units, frequency settings, background materials and boundary conditions
  • Understand the various material types that exist and how to define them
  • Setup excitations using lumped elements and waveguide ports
  • Setup result monitors to obtain 2D/3D field data
  • Choose and set up the most appropriate solver and algorithm for high frequency applications
  • Run Time-Domain (FIT) and Frequency-Domain (FEM) simulations including parametric sweeps and optimizations
  • Analyze simulation results such as S-parameters, voltages, currents, 3D nearfields and farfields
  • Extract data from the standard result set using post-processing templates


Class Lessons

Lesson 1:  Introducing CST Studio Suite

Lesson 2:  Basic and Advanced Modeling Techniques

Lesson 3:  Solver Overview

Lesson 4:  Ports, Materials and Boundaries

Lesson 5:  High Performance Computing

Lesson 6:  Results Handling and Postprocessing

Lesson 7:  Optimizer Overview

Start Date
August 12th
Live Remote Learning
September 16th
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