CST Studio Suite – EDA/SI-PI

CST Studio Suite Training Course

This course covers the fundamentals of how to setup and run an electromagnetic simulation – it will take the viewpoint of how to do this for electronic applications and spend a good amount of time on helpful features and tools that are specific for this area. This course will describe and demonstrate how to use CST for Signal Integrity/high-speed technology.

$600 / Student
1 Day
Introduction to CST Studio Suite

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Class Structure

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Perform basic function in terms of modeling, setup of simulation, importing layout boards and analyzing pre- and post-processing results
  • Get an overview of suitable solvers for specific SI/PI applications
  • Setup and run the solvers and tools for different SI and PI application


Class Lessons

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Solver Overview

Lesson 3: Circuit Simulation Overview

Lesson 4: EDA Workflow Integration

Lesson 5: Modeling Techniques

Lesson 6: Materials, Ports and Boundaries

Lesson 7: Result Handling and Post Processing

Lesson 8: DC IR Drop/ Power Integrity Solution Overview

Lesson 9: Signal Integrity Overview

Lesson 10: CST MWS Solver Overview


Workshop 1: Circuit Simulation

Workshop 2: EDA Import and Export

Workshop 3: Differential Via Pair (optional)

Workshop 4: Connector

Workshop 5: DC IR Drop/Power Integrity

Workshop 6: Decoupling Capacitor Analysis

Workshop 7: SI TD Analysis

Workshop 8: SI FD Analysis

Workshop 9: SerDes Channel Analysis

Start Date
July 12th
Live Remote Learning
August 29th
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