CATIA V5 Fundamentals

This is an introductory course for all new users of CATIA V5.  Gain understanding of the CATIA V5 interface and how to use CATIA V5 to create solid models of parts, assemblies and drawings.  Understand how to manage parts in the context of an assembly.  This is a hands-on course where students produce simple parts drawings and assemblies.

$1,995 / Student
5 Days
Mechanical design experience

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Topics Covered

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Profile Creation
  • Basic Features
  • Additional Features
  • Dress-Up Features
  • Reusing Data
  • Finalizing Design Intent
  • Assembly Design
  • Design in Context
  • Drafting ISO Lesson 11: Drafting ANSI


Class Exercises

  • Design Intent
  • CATIA V5 User Interface
  • Introduction to CATIA
  • Profile Creation
  • Multiple Profile Creation
  • Sketch Constraints
  • Basic Features Creation
  • Edge and Face-Face Fillets
  • Multiple Profile Sketch Features
  • Sketch Analysis and Pocket
  • Shaft and Groove Ex. 12: Thin Pad and Shell
  • Pad, Fillet, Hole and Shell
  • Case Study: Additional Part Features
  • Stiffeners and Draft
  • Reflect Draft
  • Thread and Tap
  • Thread
  • Features Deactivation
  • Features Activation
  • Update Error Management
  • Dress-up Features
  • Patterns
  • Part Transformation and Catalog
  • Patterns Modifications
  • Pattern and Catalog
  • Case Study: Reusing Data
  • Material and Measures
  • Parameter and Formula
  • Finalizing Design Intent
  • Basic Assembly
  • Reuse Components
  • Component Positioning
  • Constrain Components
  • Constraints Creation
  • Degrees of Freedom
  • Assembly Design
  • Visualization and Design Modes
  • Design in Context
  • Drawing Creation
  • Drafting
  • Master Exercise: Drill Press Assembly
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September 16th
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